The juice is loose and ready to live a “conflict free life”.

O. J.  Simpson walked out of prison a few minutes past mid night last Sunday. He was granted parole this past July after serving 9 years of 33 year sentence for armed robbery. Millions of people watched a grandfatherly looking Simpson lie to the parole board by telling them “he has lived a conflict free life”!

Simpson was acquitted in 1995 for the slaying of his ex wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. The acquittal was shocking, due to the overwhelming evidence of his guilt. His legal team masterfully exploited the weakness of the LA criminalists evidence collection procedures and created a nexus between the flaws in Fuhrman’s character with a conspiracy to frame Simpson by planting the glove.

Simpson lived a conflict full life. He nearly decapitated his former wife and stabbed Ron Goldman to death while is small children slept. He left the scene and flew to Chicago knowing his children would wake up and find their mother brutally murdered.

His 17 year relationship with Nicole Brown was a cycle of battery and abuse that the LA police looked the other way. That was the real LA police conspiracy in this case documented by the recordings of the 911 calls of Nicole begging for help and telling the dispatcher, “You know his record.”

Nicole knew Simpson would kill her and get away with it. She locked away pictures of her bruises and a Will in a safe deposit box. Simpson was acquitted proving Nicole correct, but would be found liable in civil court and ordered to pay 33.5 million dollars in damages.

Simpson moved to Florida to protect his assets and continued to live his “conflict free life”. The police would be called to his home in Florida a number of times by girlfriends and his daughter. There was a road rage incident and trial, a judge ordering him to pay direct TV 20k for stealing service, and a drug raid of his home. His lack of conflicts culminated into him leading a group of armed thugs into a Las Vegas hotel room to kidnap and rob his “friends” that stole his memorabilia.

The Nevada parole board could have considered all of this and delayed his parole for 5 years, but they decided to joke and laugh with him. His claims of a “conflict free life” went unchallenged.  So, the juice is loose, and free to threaten, abuse, steal, and be the thug that he is back into society continuing his “conflict free life”.

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