I’m out of Facebook Jail!

I am finally out Facebook jail for a post that was deemed to be bullying. I was given a 7 day stint. I appealed the sentence. I commented on a picture and it was not directed at any one in particular. Five days in they denied my appeal.

There is no question this platform discriminated against conservatives. I have reported death threats by liberals toward me and nothing happens. The story yesterday by James O’Keefe regarding Google actively working to make sure Trump or anyone else like him never win confirms what we already know.

I will be posting on Parler and MeWe in addition to twitter going forward. I encourage all of you to consider joining these platforms. They only way to change this is by not letting them have the monopoly currently enjoyed by them. All of my posts will be on my website below. The post that got me in trouble is posted there. Check it out yourself.

Attached is a picture of the Facebook community standards department! This is what we are up against!

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