Last nights debate recap!

Last night 19 second tier candidates plus Warren who is considered tier one candidate had their debate. The topics were predictable; climate change, higher taxes, single payer healthcare, free college, open borders and abortion. Policies that limit freedom and increase government power.

The polices discussed are not what the American people are clamoring for. These are the policies the left wing of the Democratic Party are clamoring for. The candidates were speaking to them and not the American people despite what the DNC spin masters said.

Last night each of these candidates were trying to find their breakthrough moment that would elevate them to the top tier. That is why they all doubled down on a version of free healthcare. This issue is important to all Americans and for the candidates can be that bridge between the progressive left who want single payer and mainstream Americans who are concerned about it.

The problem is that majority of Americans want universal healthcare, but when you go into elimination of private insurance in favor of government run support plummets.

Nobody had their breakout moment, but Gabbard, Booker and Castro looked strong. Warren held her own. Beto was exposed for the week candidate that he is. Kloubacher and the rest did not move the needle.

Tonight the tier one candidates will go through the same exercise. The weak performers will open a path for Booker, Gabbard, Warren, and Castro to increase their support. My money is Gillebrand, Swalwell and possibly Mayor Pete to have a lackluster performance that will diminish their support.

All eyes will be on Biden tonight. He is prone to gaffes, but it will take a few bad debates to reverse his fortunes.

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