The 20 year Anniversary of the death of JFK, Jr!

July 16, 2019 is the 20 year Anniversary of the death of John Kennedy, Jr his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren. I was on an elliptical machine in the gym watching the search for his plane. I couldn’t believe this tragedy was unfolding. Another Kennedy life cut short publicly.

I was sadden to see Ted Kennedy having to be again be the Patriarch of the family during another tragedy. I thought of Caroline and how terrible to lose her brother just five years after her mother.

20 years later the media is filled with stories of JFK, Jr was reckless, marital strife between John and Carolyn, and that Jackie regretted naming him John Jr. I’m sure their are other stories that I have not heard yet or yet to come out.

All that really matters is that it was a tragic accident that that left two parents grieving over the deaths of two daughters and a sister doing the same over her brother. The same goes for many extended family members and friends. That is what should be remembered and not gossip or speculation.

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