The truth about the Epstein case!

I have been seeing a lot of misinformation regarding the arrest and charges against Jeff Epstein. A lot of people think this is another attempt to take out Trump, because of Comey’s daughter is the prosecutor.

This is part of Barr cleaning house in the DOJ, because the handling of the original case was a sham investigation. Bill Clinton and others needed to be protected.

A mother in Palm Springs called the police that her 14 year old daughter was brought to the mansion of Jeff Epstein by an older girl. Her daughter had been molested by Epstein and paid $300. She had returned home in her underwear.

This started an 11 month investigation by the Palm Beach Police. The investigation revealed that it involved numerous girls and crossed state borders. The Feds were brought in at that point.

The Federal investigation revealed it involved 40 plus girls and involved potentially a lot of other people. The current Commerce Secretary Alex Acosta was the US Attorney for S.FL and cut a deal with Epstein that ended the investigation and sealed it. Epstein in exchange would serve 13 months and register as a sex offender. He also couldn’t contest any of the girls civil suits.

Epstein was still settling law suits and being named in new ones in 2015. It was revealed Prince Andrew had been to Epstein’s Island and Bill Clinton flew on his plane 26 times often with out his secret service detail. It was becoming evident the deal was a cover up and justice not served.

In February of this year a court ruled that the plea deal was illegal and the DOJ opened an investigation into it. In March of this year another Judge ruled that the original case file could be unsealed requiring Epstein’s Attorney’s to provide reasons why it shouldn’t. Last week a Judge rules all of the documents unsealed.

This current investigation plus the documents from the original investigation being unsealed will expose Bill Clinton. Alex Acosta is cooperating with the investigation and I suspect his actions were due to pressure and a lack of willingness by the DOJ to investigate further.

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