Ross Perot and the 1992 Presidential Campaign!

Ross Perot certainly helped Bill Clinton get elected. I never blamed him for that. The story of why he ran is bigger than his dislike of George H.W. Bush. The roots of it can be traced back to the 1988 election.

Ed Rollins was Ronald Reagan’s 1984 Campaign Manager. His deputy was Lee Atwater. Rollins assumed he would be Bush’s Campaign Manager in 1988. Lee Atwater had other ideas and pushed Rollins out. (Watch the documentary; The Boogyman The Lee Atwater Story. It details this story and is fascinating.)

Rollins was angry about being forced out of the campaign and made it be known after the 1990 budget deal where Bush raised taxes. He sent a memo to all of the house Republicans suggesting that they distance themselves from Bush. This lead to the fracture in the Republican Party. Buchanan would primary challenge Bush and win NH.

The coalition that elected Reagan twice and Bush once was split. This created a base for Perot. Rollins advised Perot and was his Campaign Manager for a short period. Rollins quit stating that Perot was not emotionally stable to be President. I suspect anger and panic in the Republican Party forced Rollins to quit. It was becoming obvious that the Perot base was big enough to cause Bush to lose and elect Clinton. Rollins, today still denies that.

The a Republican establishment has never learned the lessons of that election. The Trump base has its roots in the Perot base. Trump is President, because the Republican establishment still has not learned.

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