The “squad” are the real bigots!

We are approaching month eight of the “squads” tenure in Congress. It has been a never ending stream of insane comments, anti-Semitism, and hate. The media has ignored it and their political wing the democrats have made excuses for it. The same can be said for many Republicans.

Trump is the only one who is pushing back on actual bigotry by the “squad”. Trump’s comments had nothing to do with race. It was about calling out members of Congress who hate this country. Here are the “squads” highlights from the past eight months.

AOC rolls out her green new deal and tells everyone if we do not enact these policies the world will end in 12 years. She has lied about conditions on the border and refused to fund aid to the migrants.

Tlaib started her tenure by calling Trump a MF and promised to impeach him. She has made it clear her allegiance is to Palestine by having their flag in her office. She attempted to smear Mark Meadows as a racist in a committee hearing.

Ayanna Pressley has been the most polished out of the “squad”. She has hid her extreme radical views until the “Netkooks” conference this past weekend. She made it clear that brown, black, queer, and Muslims who do not subscribe to her radical progressive agenda are not welcome.

Then we have Omar who is the most despicable one of the “squad” by referring to 911 as, “Some people did something.” There is video from 2012 of her laughing about Al-Qaeda. We cannot forget her numerous anti-Israel comments and refusal to denounce terrorism.

These four want to destroy the country. They do not love it. I have said this many times and will continue to say it until I cannot anymore.

Our constitution limits what government can do. That is an obstacle to the left. The “squad’s” mission is to delegitimize the constitution and replace it with a constitution that states what government can do under the guise of equality, diversity, inclusion, and protections. Two words limits and state are the difference between Liberty and Tyranny.

Trump knows this and pushed back on this. The Democrats and the media (same-thing) have their typical Trump is a racist response. Shame on Romney, Tim Scott, Geraldo, and the rest of the folks who say they are on our side for not defending Trump.

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