Debunking Russia & Ukraine!

I created these talking points that debunks the Russia & Ukraine Hoaxes. Enjoy!

Russia Hoax

  1. Former Defense Secretary was on the Charlie Rose program in late 2016 or early 2017. I believe it was prior to the inauguration. Charlie Rose asked Gates, why didn’t Obama confront Putin about the election meddling in September of 2016? Gate replied in defense of Obama, that they the intel community did not know for sure it was Russia, bc it could be another country or group trying to make it look like Russia. Forensic evidence alone is not enough to definitively prove it was Russia. Gates said that both China and Russia are motivated by trying to show that US elections are rigged, bc both nations are criticized by having rigged elections.
  2. Christopher Steele the creator of the Trump dossier was sued in British court for libel by Alpha Bank due to Steele claiming in the Dossier that Alpha Bank was laundering money for Trump and Putin. Alpha Bank lost the lost the lawsuit and appealed it (I think they lost the appeal too). Christopher Steele admitted in his deposition that his statements where false and that he was hired by Hillary Clinton to create a legal base to contest the election if she lost. Rachel Maddow reported this story but used it to say it proved that Alpha Bank was guilty of the money laundering scheme. That is not true. The question before the court was whether Christopher Steele’s false statements met the legal threshold of libel in the UK. Appellant case does not litigate the facts of the case only the question of law. The facts in an appeal are the facts plain and simple.
  3. The Mueller Probe spent thirty million plus over two years and did not find any evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice. You and Robbie think it did and that Barr is hiding it. Again, why would Barr at age 69 help Trump do this? A man he never met or was a supporter of? Why would he ask John Durham who has been trusted to run investigations by both the Obama and Clinton administrations to head a partisan investigation? Why didn’t the House open an impeachment inquiry regarding Russian collusion and obstruction of justice? If they did a formal vote the House Democrats would have subpoena power with real teeth to get to the bottom of this. The entire Mueller team would be whistleblowers if Barr was hiding evidence that supported the Russia Narrative.

Ukraine Hoax

  1. Politico ran an article in 2017 that Ukraine was engaged in activities to help Hillary Clinton win the election. Biden’s son is on the board of the energy company earning 50k per month. Biden brags that he got the prosecutor who was investigating the company Hunter was on the board for fired. Ukraine has been investigating all this long before Trump has his call with the new President who says he was not pressured by Trump to investigate Biden or provide dirt. Why aren’t we respecting our world leaders and allies? You guys love to say that!
  2. The decision to hold back aid was made months before the call and part of a strategy to make other European allies step up with aid. Trump ran on not paying the defense bills of our allies. You can agree or disagree with that, but that is Trump’s position. The Ukraine President did not know on the call that aide might be withheld. The aide was released without the Ukraine President doing anything for Trump.
  3. The United States signed a treaty with Ukraine for leaders of both nations to combat corruption. All the issues that I laid out in the #1 require Trump to inquire and ask the Ukraine President to investigate Biden and his Son. The Take Care Clause of the constitution requires the President to enforce the 1999 treaty. Trump mentioned Crowdstryke on the call. That is the cyber security firm that determined the DNC server was hacked by Russia. The DNC refused to allow the FBI to look at the server. The Founder of CrowdStryke is a huge DNC donor who is a Russian immigrant with ties to Ukraine that has a personal hatred of Putin. Trump is obligated to ask the Ukraine President to help with that investigation. That is part of the Durham investigation looking into the origins of the Russia investigation. Remember what former defense secretary Gates about a group or country making it look like Russia? This was said in defense of Obama.
  4. The whistleblower met with Schiff before going to the IG and had a lawyer write up the whistleblower complaint. Schiff lied about meeting him and the WaPo gave him 4 Pinocchio, bc of it. The whistleblower is a registered democrat and a supporter of Biden with knowledge of the Ukraine Biden controversy. The rule that a whistleblower must have firsthand knowledge was changed in August. I wonder why? Schiff never thought the transcript would be released and that is why he did his “parody” of the call. This whole thing another obvious set up.

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