Who is NOT responsible?

People not responsible for the El Paso shooting:
✔ Trump
✔ The NRA
✔ The GOP
✔ Responsible gun owners

People responsible for the El Paso shooting:
✔ The shooter

Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t care a thing about the victims. They are opportunists with an agenda.

Classic Biden Gaffes!

1. Told Chuck in a wheelchair to stand up!

2. He said that his state was a slave state made him qualified to be President.

3. He said Obama was a clean articulate Negro.

4. Joked about everyone who works in a Dunkin Donuts or 7/11 are from India!

5. Told a black audience that Romney put you all back in chains!

Democratic Party Civil War!

This story is not getting a lot of media attention. The DCCC is the political muscle of the Democratic Party. Alison Jaslow a veteran of the Iraq War was the Executive Director. Alison is a moderate Democrat who helped the party find candidates who matched their districts. Many of these districts had voted for Trump, but went for the Democrat House candidate in 2018.

She was pushed out by the Black and Latino House caucuses over a perceived lack of diversity. The “Justice Democrats” (who back the squad) are actively recruiting progressive candidates to primary challenge older establishment Democrats in the House. This is the real battle!

Neal is Massachusetts is facing a challenge as well as Nadler from NY. This is another manifestation of the Progressive wing taking over the Democratic Party.

Five senior staff members from the DCCC resigned. The team and the strategy that helped Democrats win in 2018 are gone. It’s more likely the Democrats will lose the House in 2020 and expand their progressive wing. This will make it harder for the Democrats to control the House again.

What we learned yesterday!

I kept hearing we learned nothing new yesterday, but that is not correct. We learned an entire new aspect of the Russia investigation. Robert Mueller had nothing to do with it and his name was used to cover the real person who wrote and ran the investigation. That person was Andrew Weissman.

Why were 14 biased attorneys hired? Mueller gave a rambling answer, but it was clear that Andrew Weissman hired them. Weissman ran that investigation while Mueller was either napping in his office or having lunch with friends. Mueller clearly was not involved. He was just the face to cover angry partisan Democrats trying to reverse the results of the 2016 election.

Mueller was the perfect person to head the investigation. He was Mr. Integrity who disliked President Trump and his declining mental capacity made it impossible for him to push back on Weissman.

Mueller and the Weissman team never thought that this investigation would have concluded without Trump resigning or being impeached. Their worst case scenario was that it continued through the 2020 election and then end after Trump’s defeated.

That didn’t happen and the prospect of Trump being re-elected is real. It was never part of the plan where Mueller would be testifying before Congress. This exposed the cover story that Robert Mueller, Mr. Integrity would get to the bottom of Russian interference in our elections as a fraud.

Most fair minded people bought into that and wanted Mueller to complete his investigation. Not only there was no basis for this investigation, but who ran it has been revealed. The Democrats and their complicit media would say “it’s not a partisan witch hunt Robert Mueller is a Republican.” No more can they say that. Robert Mueller was not there!

A disaster for the Democrats!

I constantly hear criticism of Chris Wallace, because he unfair to Trump. I couldn’t disagree more of that assessment. Wallace gives a hard interview to both sides. He gave Stephen Miller a tough interview Sunday. That interview made a Miller look good. That is the value of Chris Wallace.

Wallace is highly critical of the Democrats today and Mueller. Wallace has a lot of credibility and his assessment today is devastating to the Democrats. Criticism is good, bc when you persevere through it you look better. When your critics come to your side it’s gold.

Senators Graham and Collins have frustrated me over the years. There independence from the Republican Party gave tremendous credibility to them when they stood up for Kavanaugh. I know this will make a few of you upset, but how I see it.